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  1. Our team of professionals and years of experience allow us to find the best freight solutions and offer tailor-made packages. Combining different modes of transport helps to ensure the successful door-to-door delivery of your cargo worldwide.
  2. Road transport is widely preferred for the transportation of goods due to its affordable prices and ease of access to loading, unloading, and storage areas. The type and dimensions of the cargo determine the mode of transportation. Standard semi-trailers of 92m3, jumbo trailers of 96m3, mega semi-trailers of 100m3, jumbo trailers of 114m3, refrigerated trailers, and various containers are used for transportation of different types of cargo.
  3. Sea freight is a dependable and cost-effective means of transporting goods. It allows for the transportation of not only goods of varying dimensions, but also heavy cargo, which can be loaded into containers such as 20′, 20’FR, 20’RF, 20’TC, 40’DV, 40’FR, 40’HC, 40’HCPW, 40’CS, 40’HCRF, 45′, 45’CS, and 45’RF.
  4. Rail transport is a time-tested, economical, and eco-friendly mode of freight transport, providing the capability to transport oversized loads and high volumes in a diverse array of wagons, such as gondola cars, covered wagons, and multipurpose flat cars, as well as in containers.
  5. If necessary, we can coordinate the loading of both standard and oversized cargo from or to a car, container, or ship. Additionally, for your convenience, we offer storage options in both closed and open warehouses.
  6. Multimodal transport combines multiple modes of transportation for cargo delivery, which is particularly useful when speedy delivery is necessary, based on the cargo’s unique characteristics and other relevant conditions.
  7. A partial load refers to cargo that only occupies a specific amount of space in a dedicated transport during shipment. This method is a cost-effective and efficient way of transporting small consignments, as multiple consignments can be accommodated on a single truck. The most common modes of transport for partial loads are by land (LTL), by sea (LCL), and by air.
  8. Oversized and heavy loads refer to cargo that exceeds the established maximum size or weight limit. The transportation of such cargo necessitates specialized equipment and techniques, permits, advance agreements, and escorts.
  9. Unique logistical requirements may involve the transport of cargo by road, ship, or air, such as NATO or other military equipment. Special equipment, knowledge, and experience are necessary for the successful completion of these transports. From pick-up to delivery, we can supervise the cargo and ensure the highest security requirements are met.

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