Business gift with the MEANING: “V.B.L. handbook, fountain pen, gift box.


Leader, are you determined to dedicate daily several minutes of your time for things not urgent but significant?

This practical handbook – Values-based leadership (VBL) – is the unique publication dedicated to the individual determined to develop their personal and professional qualities and to successfully build an effective, enthusiastic and common values-driven team, which willingly cooperates, is capable to easily implement their goals, creates together and works with joy.

This is your tool for everyday conscious leadership practice! Say hello to real PROGRESS.

All daily work, goals, meetings and thoughts are always at hand. And many more!

This practical handbook of manager‘s used for writing down daily tasks but also a practical manager’s handbook, which daily, weekly and monthly:

  • • motivates you to dedicate time not only for urgent but also significant matters;
  • • invites to carry out practical assignments to get acquainted with yourself as a leader;
  • • gives advice how to gather a common values-driven team around you;
  • • provides knowledge and confidence to find a solution in complex situations;
  • • helps to understand the concept of a balanced life and a feeling of success.

It is a symbol of a leader who knows what he wants!

In book you find 12 topics:

  1. Become self-aware
  2. Qualities of a Leader
  3. The laws of life
  4. The leader I strive to become. Have a dream
  5. Balanced areas of life. LBW
  6. Student‘s attitude and life lessons
  7. Conflictology and feedback
  8. Coaching
  9. General principles
  10. Values-driven team
  11. Personality needs and happiness at work
  12. A leader who influences the world


  • • Made in Lithuania from 15 years of management experience.
  • • A5 (222 x 163 mm) format.
  • • A guide to achieving long-term goals.
  • • Business class quality.
  • • 4 colors to suit every taste.
  • • Sets with box and engraved pen available.
  • • Available languages: LT, EN, RU.

Business gift with the MEANING: “V.B.L. handbook, fountain pen, gift box.