About me

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About Me - Manager's handbook "V.B.L. Values-Based Leadership"

During those almost 15 years of active participation in business I have received a great number of professional experiences, which I call “the moments of truth.” In our daily routine, tasks, goals, action plans and deadlines are the interconnected and inseparable parts necessary for business to function, which we rush to implement in order to meet the expectations. However, in the 21st century one starts to question oneself and look for such conceptions as leadership, a conscious leader, values-based leadership, inspiration, values, etc. My “moments of truth” are exactly about them, and that is why I would like to share them with you.

Laura Kaunietė


Values-based leadership is the path towards meaningful collaboration based on mutual trust, creating sustainable and responsible businesses, happy and conscious people around us.


To share our experience and knowledge about leadership and meaningful management. We believe that this helps to successfully connect personal and business goals and create an productive team guided by shared values.